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International Day of Democracy

International Day of Democracy 2019 and 2020

Each 15 September is designated as International Day of Democracy. This is a UN observance meant to promote the principles of democratic government, celebrate the progress of democratic reforms, and to raise public awareness about the lack of democracy that still exists in many parts of the world. It was first celebrated in 2007.

201915 SepSunInternational Day of Democracy
202015 SepTueInternational Day of Democracy

The basic idea behind the day is that democracy is a universal value not limited to a particular region or time period, nor “owned” by any particular country. It is part and parcel of the self-determination of societies in regard to matters political, economic, and social.

On International Day of Democracy each year, there are special efforts to highlight the importance of democracy in many countries. And the UN itself will make efforts to mark the importance of the day.