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International Day of Families

International Day of Families 2024, 2025 and 2026

International Day of Families is a UN observance every 15 May. The day has been observed since 1995, on the heals of the International Year of Families in 1994. It is a time to remember the crucial role the family plays in our world’s cultures and societies.

202415 MayWedInternational Day of Families
202515 MayThuInternational Day of Families
202615 MayFriInternational Day of Families
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The official symbol of International Day of Families is a green circle with a red heart and house in the middle of it. This is meant to represent the centrality of the home to all of human society. There may also be special media campaigns and “tool kits” you can use to organise your own “family focused events”.

The rationale for the establishment of the International Day of Families was to respond to the turbulent times many families were facing in a rapidly changing modern and globalised environment.

Previous Years

202315 MayMonInternational Day of Families
202215 MaySunInternational Day of Families