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International Day of Friendship

International Day of Friendship 2024, 2025 and 2026

Since 2011, every 30 July has been a UN observance called “International Day of Friendship.” The purpose of this observance is to encourage the formation of bonds of friendship between people of different cultures, countries, and backgrounds. It is a day for “human solidarity”, meant to undermine the root causes of violence and division in our world.

202430 JulTueInternational Day of Friendship
202530 JulWedInternational Day of Friendship
202630 JulThuInternational Day of Friendship
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With so much hatred, war, poverty, and social disharmony in our world, the International Day of Friendship is meant as an occasion to counteract such negative forces and tendencies.

On this day, the UN encourages national governments, community activists, and social work organisations to schedule special events conducive to reconciliation, better cross-cultural understanding, and general social harmony among all the people groups of the world.

Previous Years

202330 JulSunInternational Day of Friendship
202230 JulSatInternational Day of Friendship