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International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace 2020, 2021 and 2022

Every 21 September is the UN observance called “International Day of Peace” and has been since it was first instituted back in 1982.

202021 SepMonInternational Day of Peace
202121 SepTueInternational Day of Peace
202221 SepWedInternational Day of Peace

On International Day of Peace, the UN Peace Bell is rung at UN Headquarters in New York. Various speeches, events, and awareness campaigns also take place at the headquarters and in countries around the world on the theme of world peace.

The inscription of the Peace Bell says “Long live absolute world peace”. Yet, of course, it doesn’t live at all. The point of Peace Day, then, is to promote steps toward that lofty goal. This is done largely through “peace education” efforts, especially among the world’s children, who are thought to be the “future of peace” in our world.

Cease fires, delivery of humanitarian aid in war-torn regions, caring for people displaced by war and its effects, like famine and pestilence, and other pro-peace efforts also receive attention on this day.