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International Human Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day 2019 and 2020

Every 20 December is International Human Solidarity Day, a UN observance meant to encourage all human beings of every ethnic, linguistic, cultural, political, and religious background to dedicate themselves to unity with all other human beings in trying to solve the world’s great problems.

201920 DecFriInternational Human Solidarity Day
202020 DecSunInternational Human Solidarity Day

Today’s world is smaller than ever in two ways: the shrinking of travel and communication’s time, and the tendency toward isolation online and elsewhere as people enter the echo chambers of online “micro worlds” rather than experiencing true human community.

International Human Solidarity Day reminds people everywhere to aspire toward unity and to get involved with others in fighting against world poverty, war, human rights violations, inequality, and other problems. And it encourages all the world’s people to commit to building a better society where freedom, love, justice, and equality truly prevail.