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International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Each 30 April has been celebrated as International Jazz Day since 2012. This UN observance is meant to celebrate the cultural contributions of jazz music as well as to try to use the wide popularity of jazz to unite people all around the world and promote world peace.

202430 AprTueInternational Jazz Day
202530 AprWedInternational Jazz Day
202630 AprThuInternational Jazz Day
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International Jazz Day is the brainchild of Herbie Hancock, who was instrumental in founding and carrying on the day through his UNESCO connections and his private organisation called “Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz”. Jazz-centred events and public awareness campaigns are coordinated by Hancock and others all over the world.

On 30 April each year there is an All Star Global Concert where dozens of the world’s most famous jazz musicians perform. The host city for this event varies from year to year, but the concert centres on some sort of historical landmark.

Previous Years

202330 AprSunInternational Jazz Day
202230 AprSatInternational Jazz Day