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International Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

“Earth Day” has been celebrated in the US and elsewhere since 1970 on 22 April, however it was only in 2009 that the UN official observance of “Mother Earth Day” was first established.

202422 AprMonInternational Mother Earth Day
202522 AprTueInternational Mother Earth Day
202622 AprWedInternational Mother Earth Day
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International Mother Earth Day is designed to bring attention to the Earth, its inhabitants, and the interdependence that exists between the two. It is a day on which living in harmony with nature is promoted, as are all causes that tend to unite humankind in mending its sometimes “troubled” relationship with the planet on which it lives.

As Earth Day and International Mother Earth Day coincide in date and, to a large extent, in purpose, we can count Earth Day events as essentially “Mother Earth Day events” too. Thus, there are many who plant trees, go on excursions to “get back to nature”, and promote environmental causes for International Mother Earth Day.

Previous Years

202322 AprSatInternational Mother Earth Day
202222 AprFriInternational Mother Earth Day