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United Nations Day

United Nations Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

On 24 October each year, the United Nations celebrates its own “birthday”, which took place when the UN Charter was finally officially and fully ratified on 24 October, 1945. It was an event that gave many reason to hope for world unity and avoidance of another world war as they sat in the aftermath of World War II.

202424 OctThuUnited Nations Day
202524 OctFriUnited Nations Day
202624 OctSatUnited Nations Day
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There are special events at the UN General Assembly Hall and Headquarters in New York City every 24 October. But are also special events at UN Information Centres scattered all across the globe on United Nations Day.

Events worldwide include special ceremonies, educational symposiums, lectures to student groups, art contests, exhibitions of films, photography, and books, and focused media campaigns on TV, radio, newspaper, and Internet. Attention will be brought to the history of the UN and its importance for promoting world peace or other noble causes.

Previous Years

202324 OctTueUnited Nations Day
202224 OctMonUnited Nations Day