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Universal Children's Day

Universal Children’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

While there are various versions of Children’s Day and similar public holidays all over the world, the UN observance called “Universal Children’s Day” takes place on 20 November.

202420 NovWedUniversal Children's Day
202520 NovThuUniversal Children's Day
202620 NovFriUniversal Children's Day
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Universal Children’s Day is dedicated to promoting the ideals the UN has set for protecting the rights of children and promoting the general welfare of children all over the world.

Given how many kids on our planet are abused, neglected, or who grow up in conditions of poverty, disease, and broken or fractured family life, there is much need to focus on the real needs of children.

Universal Children’s Day provides an opportunity for doing just that and for promoting a host of specific causes and programs meant to enhance and benefit the lives of children.

Previous Years

202320 NovMonUniversal Children's Day
202220 NovSunUniversal Children's Day