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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day 2019 and 2020

Since 1988, 1 December has been designated by the U.N. as “World AIDS Day”, a day to remember the important fight against HIV and AIDS and to remember the many millions of its victims worldwide.

20191 DecSunWorld AIDS Day
20201 DecTueWorld AIDS Day

Around 35 million people across the globe have AIDS today, and about as many have died since the AIDS virus (HIV) was first discovered in 1984. As yet, there is no cure, but intense research continues and treatments are becoming increasingly affective.

World AIDS day is designed as a public awareness effort. It is a day when attempts are made to educate the public on the extent, nature, and devastating effects of AIDS. It is also a time when discrimination against AIDS sufferers is pushed back against.

On World AIDS Day, many wear red ribbons to show “solidarity” with AIDS sufferers. Many also give charitable contributions, hold bake sales to raise money, or sell the red ribbons to others.