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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day 2022, 2023 and 2024

Since 2000, 4 February has been “World Cancer Day” based upon its establishment in Article 10 of the Paris Charter, which was adopted at the World Summit Against Cancer.

20224 FebFriWorld Cancer Day
20234 FebSatWorld Cancer Day
20244 FebSunWorld Cancer Day
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The purpose of the day is to raise public awareness over the suffering and death toll due to cancer throughout the world. Both prevention of and a cure for cancer are research goals that World Cancer Day efforts are meant to promote.

With some nine million people dying every year worldwide due to various forms of cancer, and half of these dying well under the normal life expectancy for their region, cancer is truly a global scourge that needs our attention.

During and leading up to World Cancer Day, media focus on cancer issues in many countries, and there are increased educational and governmental efforts to curb it and to cure it.

Previous Years

20214 FebThuWorld Cancer Day
20204 FebTueWorld Cancer Day
20194 FebMonWorld Cancer Day
20184 FebSunWorld Cancer Day
20174 FebSatWorld Cancer Day