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World Development Information Day

World Development Information Day 2020 and 2021

World Development Information Day takes place every 24 October. This day has been on the UN calendar since 1973, and its date purposefully coincides with that of United Nations Day in order to emphasise how important promotion of trade and development is to the UN’s overall mission.

202024 OctSatWorld Development Information Day
202124 OctSunWorld Development Information Day

World Development Information Day is named such because the purpose of the day is to disseminate information on the state of development of the world economically, socially, and in every other important respect. The second goal is to communicate the reasons why cooperation among nations is necessary to meet solve current development problems and meet future development goals.

World Development Information Day especially focuses on journalism, TV, radio, newspapers, the Internet, and all other major forms of media used throughout the world since that is the means of getting the “information” out about development.

In recent years, there has also been a big focus on information technology and how it is aiding in spreading the word about development and in development itself.