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World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day 2023, 2024 and 2025

Every 14 November is World Diabetes Day, a UN observance dedicated to raising global awareness of the plight of diabetes and of how to prevent it and cure it.

202314 NovTueWorld Diabetes Day
202414 NovThuWorld Diabetes Day
202514 NovFriWorld Diabetes Day
202614 NovSatWorld Diabetes Day
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World Diabetes Day shines the spotlight on diabetes mellitus, both Types 1 and 2. The International Diabetes Federation has a special theme for this day, which differs year to year. Themes such as type 2 diabetes spreading rapidly and going untreated, despite its being both preventable and treatable; or advances in the insulin-based treatment of type 1 diabetes; or the causes, symptoms, lifestyle changes, or human rights issues related to diabetes, are often in focus this time of year.

On World Diabetes Day there is increased public awareness campaigns in the media on the growing problem of diabetes, not only in the West but also now in less developed parts of the world as well. And there may also be fundraising drives and special events that allow people to get involved in doing something about diabetes.

Previous Years

202214 NovMonWorld Diabetes Day
202114 NovSunWorld Diabetes Day
202014 NovSatWorld Diabetes Day
201914 NovThuWorld Diabetes Day
201814 NovWedWorld Diabetes Day
201714 NovTueWorld Diabetes Day