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World Environment Day

World Environment Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Every 5 June since 1973 has been observed as the UN-established World Environment Day. The purpose of the day is to bring increased awareness to worldwide environmental concerns, like climate change, deforestation, pollution of the world’s oceans, and unsustainable development that could harm plant and animal species.

20245 JunWedWorld Environment Day
20255 JunThuWorld Environment Day
20265 JunFriWorld Environment Day
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Since its inception, World Environment Day has spread to over 140 countries and has had its main celebratory event held on all six of Earth’s inhabited continents. A special anthem called “Earth Anthem” is often sung at these events.

Themes vary from year to year, but recurring emphases include such things as Earth as our common home and the need to protect it and its life forms, the vital importance of water, the need to protect the ozone layer, the ill effects of excessive deforestation, the plight of “wildlife crimes”, and leaving our children and grandchildren a healthy, beautiful planet.

Previous Years

20235 JunMonWorld Environment Day
20225 JunSunWorld Environment Day