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World Habitat Day

World Habitat Day 2019 and 2020

Since 1986, the first Monday of October has been a UN observance called “World Habitat Day”. The day has nothing much to do with the habitats of plant and animal species, but it refers to the habitats of human beings.

20197 OctMonWorld Habitat Day
20205 OctMonWorld Habitat Day

The basic belief underlying World Habitat Day is the idea that all human beings have a “right to adequate shelter”. Also important is the attempt to emphasise each generation’s responsibility to improve human habitats for future generations, besides for the poor and downtrodden of their own time.

On World Habitat Day, awards have been given out during “Habitat Scroll of Honour” events since 1989. These awards recognise various programs and efforts to improve human habitats throughout the world. There is often a focus on urban environments, the needs of the homeless, and eliminating “slums”, but the day need not exclude attention to rural habitats that need to be improved.