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World Health Day

World Health Day 2025 and 2026

From 1950 onward, 7 April has been World Health Day, a UN and World Health Organisation (WHO) observance meant to raise awareness of the need to improve global health. While the WHO also sponsors several disease-specific observance days, World Health Day is meant to be comprehensive in scope.

20257 AprMonWorld Health Day
20267 AprTueWorld Health Day
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Each year, the WHO will choose a specific health related theme for World Health Day. That theme will be focused on in media campaigns all year long, but the highlight of it all will be on 7 April.

There are also various local events organised by the WHO, government organisations, and humanitarian and health related private organisations on World Health Day. Many involved will be featured in media reports, may conduct fundraising campaigns, and may cooperate to improve world health by membership in such groups as the Global Health Council.

Previous Years

20247 AprSunWorld Health Day
20237 AprFriWorld Health Day