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World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day 2022, 2023 and 2024

One of only four World Health Organisation (WHO) endorsed “awareness days” focused on a specific disease, World Hepatitis Day is observed by the UN and across the worldevery 28 July. The purpose of the day is to raise public awareness about the worldwide plight of those suffering from viral Hepatitis.

202228 JulThuWorld Hepatitis Day
202328 JulFriWorld Hepatitis Day
202428 JulSunWorld Hepatitis Day
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Government, medical, and humanitarian organisations throughout the world unite on 28 July to educate the public on the devastating effects of hepatitis. Hepatitis sometimes doesn’t get the spotlight, but it kills over a million people per year, as many as AIDS or malaria does. And it is the leading cause of liver cancer. 

What makes the disease even more serious is that the vast majority of cases go undetected for a long time, until liver disease or death result. And people with hepatitis often spread the disease to others long before they know they have it.

World Hepatitis Day is especially important because vaccines for both hepatitis-B and hepatitis-C are available but not always in the right areas. And screening for hepatitis is not always affordable for the world’s poor. Thus, the goal of eliminating hepatitis is doable, and is the ultimate goal of World Hepatitis Day efforts.

Previous Years

202128 JulWedWorld Hepatitis Day
202028 JulTueWorld Hepatitis Day
201928 JulSunWorld Hepatitis Day
201828 JulSatWorld Hepatitis Day
201728 JulFriWorld Hepatitis Day