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World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day 2019 and 2020

World Kindness Day has been an observance every 13 November since 1998, when the World Kindness Movement declared it such. It was the fruit of a meeting of numerous humanitarian groups in 1997, who finished up their meeting by making an official Declaration of Kindness.

201913 NovWedWorld Kindness Day
202013 NovFriWorld Kindness Day

The world has plenty of unkind acts that occur in it, but World Kindness Day is meant to shine the spotlight on the truly kind acts that people do as well. And it is meant to encourage people everywhere to do “random acts of kindness”, as well as more purposeful and commitment-filled acts of kindness, or any acts of kindness at all that you can think of.

Many observe the day by giving food, clothes, money, books, or other needful items to those who need them most. And many just are extra careful to hold the door for strangers, say “thank you”, pay for someone else’s lunch, or a multitude of other small, but kind, acts.