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World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

World Malaria Day is a UN and World Health Organisation (WHO) observance falling every 25 April, designed to bring world attention to the efforts being made to end the scourge of malaria, a disease that continues to ravage many parts of the globe.

202425 AprThuWorld Malaria Day
202525 AprFriWorld Malaria Day
202625 AprSatWorld Malaria Day
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A large part of the malaria crisis is in sub-Saharan Africa, but it also exists in parts of Asia, Latin America, the Mid-east, and even Europe. Around a half million people die from malaria every year, many of them being children. And infection rates can run as high as 200 million at any given time, worldwide. However, malaria is on the decline, and hopes of eradicating it are not far-fetched.

Originally, it was Africa Malaria Day that was held on 25 April, but it became World Malaria Day in 2007. And in the US in the same year, 25 April was declared Malaria Awareness Day by then-President Bush.

There are special events, awareness campaigns, and fundraisers to support the fight against malaria that take place all over the world every World Malaria Day.

Previous Years

202325 AprTueWorld Malaria Day
202225 AprMonWorld Malaria Day