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World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

If you love the sea and its creatures, you may be interested to know that 8 June is a UN observance called “World Oceans Day”. It is a day to raise awareness of the crucial role the world’s oceans play in sustaining life on Earth and of the beauty and value of the sea and its innumerable inhabitants.

20248 JunSatWorld Oceans Day
20258 JunSunWorld Oceans Day
20268 JunMonWorld Oceans Day
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Some 70 percent of Earth’s surface is covered by water, most of that being oceans. Oceans are the source of the world’s rain and therefore its freshwater. Oceans generate much of Earth’s oxygen supply, absorb CO2, provide a huge quantity of food, are the highways of much international trade, and are loved by many for the natural beauty and recreational opportunities they provide.

But the fact is, the world’s oceans are too often polluted and over-exploited, and coral reefs and other marine habitats are sometimes endangered as surely are certain species of sea creatures.

World Oceans Day aims to remind us all of the importance of our world’s oceans, work toward diminishing threats to oceanic health, and mobilise an international movement for sustainable use of our oceans’ natural resources.

Previous Years

20238 JunThuWorld Oceans Day
20228 JunWedWorld Oceans Day