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World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Since 2002, every third Thursday of November has been designated as a UNESCO observance called World Philosophy Day.

202421 NovThuWorld Philosophy Day
202520 NovThuWorld Philosophy Day
202619 NovThuWorld Philosophy Day
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UNESCO established World Philosophy Day for several reasons. First, to simply underscore the importance of philosophy and philosophies historically and in today’s ever-changing world.

Second, to give occasion to awareness campaigns that promote philosophy as a form of critical thought and problem-solving that can help answer some of life’s toughest questions.

Third, World Philosophy Day is meant to especially encourage the teaching of philosophy as a discipline academically as well as in more informal settings. It is meant to promote philosophical debates, diversity, tolerance of differing opinions, and respect for human rights and dignity.

On World Philosophy Day, you can expect there to be media campaigns highlighting the role of philosophy in modern life and emphasising ways philosophy can contribute to practical problems like world peace, world hunger, and environmental protection.

Previous Years

202316 NovThuWorld Philosophy Day
202217 NovThuWorld Philosophy Day