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World Population Day

World Population Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Every 11 July is the UN observance known as “World Population Day”. The observance came about in 1989 largely after the huge public response to “Five Billion Day”, the day (11 July) in 1987 when the world’s population hit five billion.

202411 JulThuWorld Population Day
202511 JulFriWorld Population Day
202611 JulSatWorld Population Day
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World Population Day is dedicated to focusing on issues related to world population growth. These include things like promoting family planning so children will have adequate means in life, fighting poverty since poor families often struggle to provide for children, lack of women’s rights in some regions, healthcare for women during maternity, and violations of human rights.

Other topics such as how to fight world hunger and maintain sustainable agricultural and energy production methods for a growing world population are also discussed.

Already, the world population has passed 7.5 billion, and increases by around 100 million people each and every year.

Previous Years

202311 JulTueWorld Population Day
202211 JulMonWorld Population Day