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World Soil Day

World Soil Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

The UN observance called World Soil Day takes place every 5 December. The event was first instituted in Thailand by former king Bhumibol Adulyadej, which is why its date is set on this monarch’s birthday.

20245 DecThuWorld Soil Day
20255 DecFriWorld Soil Day
20265 DecSatWorld Soil Day
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World Soil Day differs significantly from Earth Day, despite the similarity of name. Earth Day celebrates Earth as a planet, while Soil Day celebrates soil in particular.

World Soil Day is meant to draw attention to the critical role of Earth’s many soil types and how they contribute to ecosystems, biodiversity of plants and the animal life those plants sustain, and to human agricultural endeavours.

The soils of our planet contain water and minerals that then enter into plants, and which from there enter into animals and people. Nutrition is thus a key area where soil is important. No wonder there are over 60,000 “soil scientists” in the world today!

Key emphases of World Soil Day include how to prevent excessive soil erosion and how to protect the ecosystems that soils sustain.

Previous Years

20235 DecTueWorld Soil Day
20225 DecMonWorld Soil Day