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World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day 2019 and 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day is observed every 10 September. This day is a WHO observance dedicated to doing everything possible to raise awareness of the causes of suicide and ways to prevent them.

201910 SepTueWorld Suicide Prevention Day
202010 SepThuWorld Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide has seen a dramatic rise in recent years, and organisations like the WHO, IASP, and WFMH have teamed up to put on various World Suicide Prevention Day events and campaigns in over 70 countries all around the world.

Reluctance to discuss suicide and the fact that it is illegal in most countries and can affect such things as life insurance claims has probably led to under-reporting of world suicides. Thus, the problem is even bigger than we realise.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, literally hundreds of special events take place in dozens of countries around the world, all focused on educating people on the realities concerning suicide and how governments, organisations, and individuals can help reduce the risk of people committing suicide.


Media campaigns also take place on TV, radio, and online social sites on themes to do with suicide prevention.