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World Television Day

World Television Day 2020, 2021 and 2022

Since 1997, the 21 November has been kept as a UN observance called “World Television Day”. The date looks back to the original World Television Forum that was held on 21 November, 1996.

202021 NovSatWorld Television Day
202121 NovSunWorld Television Day
202221 NovMonWorld Television Day

World Television Day recognises the crucial role television plays in communicating information to much of the world’s population. It also seeks to remind people of the positive ways in which TV can be used, despite the often negative ways in which it is often utilised.

Television is a major source of important news reporting, educational programming, and programs used to promote democracy or cultural awareness. On World Television Day, government and private organisations are encouraged to use TV to its best potential, and special speakers at conferences may comment on the role of TV in modern mass media.

When World Television Day was first instituted, 11 members of the General Assembly abstained in protest, and there was an objection that many of the world’s poor didn’t even own a TV set. But still, the influence of television is significant, and World Television Day recognises that fact.