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World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day 2019 and 2020

Since 1980, 27 September has been a UN observance known as World Tourism Day. The purpose of the holiday is to promote public awareness of the importance of tourism economically, culturally, environmentally, and in other ways to nations all over the world.

201927 SepFriWorld Tourism Day
202027 SepSunWorld Tourism Day

Every year, a different “host country” will be chosen for the official World Tourism Day celebrations. That country, its natural and cultural attractions, and its role in the world tourism industry will be highlighted.

A new emphasis on “sustainable tourism” is now coming alongside the focus on tourism in general, showing how the environment and social or cultural traditions can be protected by tourism rather than destroyed by it.

The date of World Tourism Day is rather appropriate. It falls at the beginning of the main tourist season in the Southern Hemisphere and at the end of the peak tourist season in the Northern Hemisphere.