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World Water Day

World Water Day 2020 and 2021

Since 1993, every 22 March has been a UN observance called “World Water Day”. It is a day to reflect on the importance of water in our daily lives as well as to remember those who lack adequate drinking water supplies.

202022 MarSunWorld Water Day
202122 MarMonWorld Water Day

In many parts of the world, drinking water supplies are not clean but are polluted and a constant danger. Many deadly diseases are transmitted due to contaminated water that is consumed for lack of a better water source. Other problems include: a simple lack of water, water is present but not affordable, excessive water waste, and destruction of aquatic habitats.

There will be awareness campaigns on World Water Day, fundraising efforts, special school lessons, and musical or theatre performances on the theme of “water”. Many government and private charitable organisations will make contributions to help solve the “water crisis” that exists in many of the poorest parts of our globe.