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World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day 2025 and 2026

Late in December of 2013, the UN established 3 March as an official observance called “World Wildlife Day”. The date was chosen because on that same day the UN General Assembly passed CITES, a resolution that sought to stop illegal poaching and trafficking in endangered species of the world, both plant and animal species being included.

20253 MarMonWorld Wildlife Day
20263 MarTueWorld Wildlife Day
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World Wildlife Day is meant to raise public awareness and appreciation of the “intrinsic” and “derivative” value of our world’s wildlife. The wonder and beauty of plants and animals now in danger of extinction is highlighted, as well as their role in cultures, economies, education, and science.

Efforts are also made to influence governments to act to protect at-risk species and to crack down on illegal trafficking or in the destruction of the habitats they need to survive.

Previous Years

20243 MarSunWorld Wildlife Day
20233 MarFriWorld Wildlife Day